With more than four decades of industry experience, ENEX has developed one of the world’s most impressive track records for design/build, safety, cost control, and schedule for manufacturing and industrial projects. ENEX’s strong, comprehensive resource base provides the expertise needed to complete all project phases, from initial concept through operations and maintenance. Working with client teams, we create concepts, as well as develop and implement solutions to help clients gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

Some of our most notable industrial projects undertaken by the company include:

  • The completion of all excavation and trenching works for the installation of 150 km of communication coaxial cables for the Royal Jordanian Air Force – Jordan
  • The installation of a de-ethanizer plant for Occidental Oil Company – Libya
  • The installation of two LNG boilers for Marsa El Brega LNG Plant. The project was completed for ESSO Standard Libya Inc. – Libya
  • The construction of a turnkey building of A.S paper and a stationary factory in Bangazi- Libya
  • The construction of the ESSO Standard Libya Inc. Oil and LNG/Gas Plant in Zelten and Raguba – Libya
  • The assembly of 1200 electrical towers 33Kva – Libya
  • The completion of all electrical works for three gas compressors for Amoco Inc. – Libya
  • The installation of 22km of 12” Gas line from Sorra to Zelten – Libya
  • The installation of 250km of flow lines in Zelten and Raguba – Libya